Recent Streams & Selected Clips

First Therapy Session

What to Expect during a First Therapy Session

For the first Monday Mental Health Community Choice night, Dr. Mick discusses what to expect leading up to and during a first therapy session.

Kakebytes Podcast Interview

Dr. Mick & Katy Kakes from Kakebytes

Dr. Mick gets interviewed by Katy from the Kakebytes podcast about video games and therapy, mental health, and more.

Kakebytes Podcast (Click Here)

421 Archives Interview

Dr. Mick & Rob from 421 Archives

Rob from the 421 Archives Podcast interviews me on-stream about being a therapist, the long-term vision for my channel, brain development, and more!

421 Archives Podcast (Click Here) 

Suicide Assessment

Dr. Mick

For Community Choice Night: Mental Health Topic, I discussed suicide assessment from a therapist’s perspective, including what’s assessed for, why, and when a therapist might have to get police involved.


Mxiety Interview

Dr. Mick & Mxiety

Mxiety brought me on her stream to ask me “therapist FAQs” - we discuss how to find a therapist, life transitions, stigma, what goes through a therapist’s mind, and so much more!

Mxiety’s Twitch Channel (Click Here) 

House of Misfits Q&A

Dr. Mick and Mayhem - creator of

Dr. Mick was interviewed by Mayhem, the creator of House of Misfits. House of Misfits is a Discord server dedicated to bringing people together to talk about mental health and a sense of feeling like an outcast.

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