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Dr. Mick

The Live-Streaming Therapist. Nightly @ 11:30pm Central

I’m a real therapist with a real PhD.

Hello! My name is Dr. Mick, and I host [Game] Sessions with a Therapist nightly at 11:30pm Central on Twitch.

I am a couple & family therapist and lifelong gamer with a PhD in Human Development. My clinical specialty is working with gamers and anxiety, and I write academically about the intersection of video games and therapy.

[Game] Sessions with a Therapist/ my stream is a passion project that I pursue in my spare time. Any information, opinions, resources, etc. communicated on my channel, the Discord server, or this website are my own and do not represent my current employer in any way whatsoever.

My Mission & Credentials.

My mission is to provide a space where people who share a love for video games can also share and discuss other aspects of their lives - relationships, problems, goals, aspirations - you name it - with each other and with me. I want to provide access to general mental health information to those who are interested in seeking therapy or who just need a place to be heard and not be judged by a warm, inviting community.

Couple and Family Therapist (Illinois - USA)
Ph.D. Human Development - Virginia Tech
M.S. Marriage & Family Therapy - Northwestern University
B.S. Human Services - Purdue University

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