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Dr. Mick

Couple & Family Therapist

PhD in Human Development

Approved supervisor

lifelong gamer


About Dr. Mick

I’m so glad you’re here!

My name is Ryan, but I go by Dr_Mick in online spaces. I'm a couple and family therapist in the state of Illinois in the United States. I have a PhD in human development and a Master’s degree in marriage and family therapy. I am also an approved supervisor and a clinical lecturer of psychology at a local university.

My clinical specialties include working with
- Moderate to severe anxiety (performance, social, general)
- Video gaming/ gamers
- Athletes and e-sports athletes
- Couples

I also do research and write academically about video gaming impacts individuals and relationships.

I’m originally from Indiana, but I now reside in Chicago.

My favorite video games are: Destiny, The Division, No Man’s Sky, Mass Effect, World of Warcraft, Halo, Minecraft, & more.

I deeply value authenticity and challenging the status quo. I seek to de-stigmatize mental health and therapy, and I like to challenge the idea of what a therapist looks like/ should be like. I want everyone, especially gamers to feel comfortable seeking out a therapist for the good of their mental health.

It’s common for people to ask me why I became a therapist - the answer is because I’m fascinated by relationships and enjoy the chance to learn about people/ empower them to solve their problems and connect with themselves and each other more deeply. It’s an honor to be a therapist and to be invited into the lives of so many people!

Can’t wait to meet you on-stream!

[Game] Sessions with a Therapist

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[Game] Sessions with a Therapist

[Game] Sessions with a Therapist is a channel dedicated to helping gamers (and non-gamers) find a starting point for accessing mental health resources and support. Though I (Dr. Mick) cannot provide therapy or professional therapeutic advice on-stream, I can (and do) answer general questions, provide general guidance, help locate resources, and talk about all sorts of mental health topics form anxiety to depression to relationship health and more.

My goal is to build a community where people can feel supported by me and by other viewers, and where they can chat in a space that is open, accessible, and relatable.

Someday, I hope the channel grows to the point where I can secure a partnership with Twitch. My dream is to be a pioneer/trailblazer for using the Twitch platform to facilitate deep discussions about mental health, de-stigmatize therapy, and spread awareness. It’s a great place for games - and the chance to talk about mental health in addition would take it to the next level!