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Me & My Mission

My name is Ryan, but I go by Dr. Mick in online spaces. I host [Game] Sessions with a Therapist nightly at 11:30pm Central Time. I am a couple & family therapist, a PhD in Human Development, and lifelong gamer who likes to challenge our conceptions of what a therapist should look like. I clinically specialize in working with athletes/e-athletes, and I write about how video gaming impacts relationships, identity, and more in books and academic journals.

Many popular streamers frequently have to tell their viewers that they "aren't a therapist" - but in my case, I actually am! So feel free to stop by the stream and chat with me about relationships, mental health, games, or anything else that's on your mind. I'll be happy to listen and provide general information.

Couple and Family Therapist (Illinois - USA)
Ph.D. Human Development - Virginia Tech
M.S. Marriage & Family Therapy - Northwestern
B.S. Human Services - Purdue